Spring wedding

There is something particularly tender about a spring wedding

the flowering trees in bloom, the light green of the budding foliage, as if the whole of nature was holding it’s breath before the mad rush to the longer days of summer and its explosion of expression… The brides who choose to marry at this time of year are usually well organized and careful in their approach and order well in advance as the start of the year comes around so quickly in our business… this is a pleasure for me as it means we get to know each other even better, having had a year sometimes to elaborate the project… and therefore the result is subtle and personal as with our stunning Dearvhail who was a joy to work with from beginning to end!

Dearbhail chose a beautiful nude silk crepe dress with a soft cowl neck that draped to perfection slightly off her gorgeous shoulders, a wide pleated train and full lace back, with silk buttons. She reinforced her dreamy turn of the century inspiration with a delicate silk tulle veil and lace band, which finished off the look in a subtle and very personal way… http://willoreilly.com/blog/2015/trinity-chapel-merrion-hotel-wedding-photos-dearbhail-tony

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