The team: Delphine Grandjouan and Christine Margat

Delphine Grandjouan

Fashion Designer

French born fashion designer Delphine Grandjouan, fell in love with the romantic west of Ireland in her twenties and has been settled there ever since… rooting her inspiration in the hauting dance between mountains and sea that she can gaze at daily from her design studio… she moved seamlessly from her philosophy studies to fabric design ( signing off the Riverdance velvet devore used by Joan Bergin for the lead dancer’s outfit, that has graced the Show’s posters for the last 20 years), then evening wear (selling her fashions to the U.S. and Middle East markets from the Paris Fashion Week shows) to finally settle at home with the increasing demands of her award winning couture bridal wear business. The demands from her customers and her own desire to go back to day into evening and occasion wear have long been a wish, that through her work with Eddie Shanahan (Chairman of the Council of Irish Fashion Designers, of which Delphine is one of the founding members) has now become reality.


The Delphine Grandjouan brand offers strong sober designs that aim to support the modern active woman in her busy life-style by giving her comfort and versatility of wear. The collections of key pieces (figure-enhancing working wardrobe basics or once off special occasion pieces) and cool, classy separates and accessories, are made from 100% natural fabrics (wool crepes and silk, mostly sourced in Europe) and embellished, when required, with the addition of original French laces, usually hand appliquéd.


We are on the side of low-waste both from an ethical and environmental point of view and therefore you will not find a Delphine Grandjouan dress in retail stores as we mostly produce to demand. Each client is very special, all our pieces are custom made to order in Ireland, under the direct supervision of designer Delphine Grandjouan… who wishes to bring you versatile, qualitative, slow-fashion, ultra smart casual pieces, that up style your wardrobe and support your daily endeavours… with the gift of deep comfort and simple beauty.