Catwalk Glamour

The vision of one’s new collection on the catwalk ramp is such a boost for a designer! For a brief instant, one’s inner esthetic comes to life and reaffirms its existence..
I have therefore thoroughly enjoyed our latest season of shows!

Bairbre Power march 15Starting with the opening of the Kerry Fashion Week, which prompted Bairbre Power to write a lovely piece on our Hollywood Glamour theme:

DSCF2207We then took part in the ARC fashion show, a wonderful celebration of Irish fashion that included a glorious array of stunning collections such as those from: Richard Lewis, Heidi Higgins, Mark T Burke, Richard Malone to name but a very few… This unique event was masterfully produced by Eddie Shanahan and it was a privilege to be part of it for the second year in a row, and create a special cocktail-evening look for them! Last year, we had been featured in the finale of the show, and were very touched by Eddie’s special words about our work:
“And so on an amazing, uplifting night for Irish fashion we come to this year’s finale…
Take a deep breath, savour this moment..
What you are about to see combines bewitching imagination, unmistakable luxury, breathtaking craftsmanship, assured femininity and elegance beyond compare.
IMG_1760From the Black Valley in the Kerry hills comes a vision of rare and extraordinary simplicity, a complex balance of design, embellishment, texture and purpose, style beyond the quotidian…delicate, uplifting, glorious
Feast your eyes, drink it in, this stuff of dreams… this remarkable selection of couture from our special guest…the designer Delphine Grandjouan”


DSCF2244The run finished in back in Kerry for the Lace Kenmare Festival, which showcased Helen Cody and a host of gorgeous local designers…such fabulous setting for romantic fashion!
I shall leave you though with a tiny video from our latest CIFD event, which expresses the magic of a show better than a 1000 words…even peaked at from backstage!

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